A science where there is an understanding that there is an intelligence inside each and every one of our bodies that helps the body heal itself.  In other words, if you cut yourself, you don't have to tell you body to heal, it already knows.  For you to be reading this right now, for your heart to beat or lungs to breathe, the information comes from the brain and goes down the spinal cord out through the nerves to every part of your body. The nervous system controls every function of your body including your cardiovascular system, your immune system, your digestive system... without it, you would not be alive and functioning.
     It is the day to day, poor posture, falls, sports, car accidents, sometimes even the birthing process that moves these bones out of place putting pressure on that system. When there is pressure on that system you can't function at your maximum potential to get rid of those headaches, or that muscle spasm, or that indigestion, because the right information isn't reaching that vital organ. Chiropractic... well, it takes the pressure off your system so you CAN heal yourself! 


Dr. Astrid Manning, DC


  • Graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in the Bay Area in 2008. 

  • Also attended: Florida Atlantic University 

  • Additional degrees: Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, Doctor of Chiropractic. 

  • CVCP Certified December 2014



  • Graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2016

  • Also attended: Messiah College

  • Additional degrees: Bachelor in Health and Exercise Science


Dr. Brian Meenan, DC
Machete, Beretta, Stiletto
August Siriano

     Manning Chiropractic and Wellness Center isn't your typical Chiropractic office. We thrive off of being a casual, outgoing, unique and fun office while still providing all of our patients with the care and professionalism needed towards their treatment and well being. With gentle, therapeutic and effective treatments, we thrive to make your experience as comfortable as possible each and every time you step foot in our office. We don't treat our patients as just a number but as friends and family, and make sure every visit with us is a memorable one. 

Manning Chiropractic and Wellness Center - 250 Mount Lebanon Blvd, Suite 307, Pittsburgh Pa 15234

Phone (412) 341-2505

Fax (412) 341-0402

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